General Meetings for Proposed New Contracts

Teachers - 3:30 April 24th, NRMS Auditorium

Educational Assistants - 3:30 April 25th, NRMS Auditorium

Secretaries - 4:00 April 26th, NRMS Auditorium



2016 - 2017


This is a year for negotiations for a new three year contract for all of our bargaining units. Below is a list of all the elected negotiators. Talk to them about any issues you think should be brought up during the negotiations.


High School Ezra Hendrickx NRHS
  Ariana Kmiec NRHS
Middle Sch. Ann Needel NRMS
  Bill Sheehan NRMS
Elementary Perry Andac Eddy
  Nicolette Bartolini-Pollo EES
  Donna DeRosiers Stony
  Lee Miller WES
  Nancy Waldron OES
  Educational Assistants  
High School Chris Grozier NRHS
Middle Sch. Stephanie Fields NRMS
Elementary Cynthia Eldredge Eddy
Pre-school Eileen Ryan Stony
  Lisa Goodrich NRMS
  Laura Hanson WES
  Kathy MacDonald NRHS
  Claudia Cope-Crosen WES
  Eastham Cafetaria & Custodians  
  Colleen Wallace EES









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William Butler Yeats